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“Our ambition is to drive high-performance culture, leverage clean technologies, sustainable growth and putting our planet at the heart of AERIS2AQUA, remaining true to our values. 


Our purpose is to provide humanity access to pure, safe and sustainable drinking water, helping people to do more, feel better and live longer.


We are continuously mobilising efforts in our production process to tackle climate change, preserve natural resources and supporting the recovery of biodiversity. 


AERIS2AQUA is committed to dedicate 10% of its profit to communities with lack of access to pure and safe drinking water because it's a human health, a climate, a farming, an environmental, an economic development and a security issue.

Pure and safe drinking water is a Human Right. The few natural resources left in our planet are privatised by key stake holders, that extract millions of liters from the ground leaving local communities with no drinking water.”

Building resilience for access to pure, safe and healthy drinking water

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